Sensible Money Solutions

There are many smart money solutions that can help you manage the money that you have and quite possibly earn more than you ever imagined. That might be a stretch but anything is possible. The smartest thing to do is start with the basics. Budget, save and invest – the three hardest things to with your money. Do not waste money on foolish things like high interest loans and credit cards.  Do not buy stuff just to keep up with the friends and neighbors, you might just need that money someday. Just because everything is going good right now, unforeseeable events happen that can pull the rug right out from under you in a heartbeat. We will try to give some advice and resources to make smart money choices. That is the concept behind Sensible Dollars.

Credit Cards – Good or Bad?

It all depends on how you plan to use it. Applying for a credit card has never been easier. It doesn't even matter if you have excellent credit or poor credit, there is a credit card for you. If you have bad credit, the sensible way to build your credit back up is to get a credit card and use it for your purchases. If you have excellent credit, chances are you are paying too much interest. Do some research and apply online for a balance transfer to lower the interest you are paying. The way the economy is heading you need to spend your dollars sensibly, not on high credit card interest payments.

Cash Back Rewards

Cash back credit cards provide you with an additional sum of money to enjoy leisure activities. Cash back credit cards are the trendiest way of shopping. Cash back credit cards are a type of financial obligation, and hence you have to use them intelligently and avoid falling prey to their disadvantages. Remember that even though there disadvantages to these cards, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

Sensible Cash Back Credit Card Information

Balance Transfer Credit Cards

A balance transfer credit card is a great way to lower the interest rate that you may be currently paying on your credit cards. With a credit card that allows you to transfer balances, you can consolidate your current high interest payments into one low, or sometimes zero percent, credit card payment. That is a very sensible way to save some dollars. Most credit card companies have cards that allow a balance transfer but don’t get sucked in. Those low APR’s tend to rise pretty quickly.

Sensible Balance Transfer Credit Card Information

Rewards Credit Cards

Everybody likes to be rewarded for their efforts. Sensible Dollars believes that sensible credit should be rewarded also. Credit card reward programs offer you contributions in exchange for your sensible credit. These rewards differ with different credit card companies ranging from cash back rewards, airline miles and access to your favorite events. Spend your dollars sensibly and get rewarded sensibly.

Sensible Rewards Credit Card Information

Gas Credit Cards

A gas rewards credit card is a very sensible solution to save you dollars at the pump especially if you visit the pump often. A gas credit card actually makes you money when you use the card. They are a very sensible solution to saving dollars especially if you travel a lot and have to stop at the gas station frequently. Many of the major credit card companies offer a gas credit card in some form.

Sensible Gas Rewards Credit Card Information

Debit or Pre-Paid Credit Cards

In the present economy, getting a new credit card with a low APR may be tough unless you have just about perfect credit. The dilemma is that you just about need a credit card to make some purchases. If you can’t get a credit card what is a person supposed to do to make a purchase where a credit card is needed. The answer is a debit or pre-paid credit card. You can use a debit card just like a credit card. The only drawback is that you need to pre pay the card in order to use it.

Sensible Prepaid or Secured Credit Card Information

Student Credit Cards

Student Credit Cards are a sensible way to start building your credit. They are an ideal credit card solution because most credit card companies start with a low credit limit so you cannot get into too much financial trouble. As a first time credit card holder, some people tend to use the card for the wrong reasons. A student credit card is a sensible card to own if used properly - only if you need it.

Sensible Student Credit Card Information

Sensible Dollars Credit Card Resources

Sensible Dollars has put together a few resources about credit cards. The articles deal with the pitfalls, the pros and cons and what to look out for when you are applying for a credit card online. Read through the articles to help you make a sensible decision about applying for a credit card.

Helpful Credit Card Information

Browse the site for credit card solutions and resources to help you make a smart decision before getting a credit card. If you need to learn more about the different credit cards and their terminology, we have a very handy resource page that should help you. We also have some very sensible reviews of some of the best credit cards to help you decide which card may be right for your situation.